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Chris L
vom: 13.04.2010
There are times English is my second language. I'm better at gibberish.  
vom: 07.04.2010
errrm english is not my first language. you know what i mean Chris, but ok it was lovely to see each and everyone there Emotion  
Chris L
vom: 06.04.2010
...only some of us, Eric? Emotion  
eric vonx & m
vom: 05.04.2010
had a truly great evening, good to see paul and john and what a treat to here the songs in this way, have to agree that the coccy biscuits were superb too! good to see some of you lot again!  
vom: 03.04.2010
Great evening, the set was very different from the norm, but was greatly received (see Chris' set list). Really lovely to see John & Paul play together again - a real treat. Also lovely to see so many friends not seen for a while. Hope there are more of these to follow!  
Chris L
vom: 03.04.2010
Songs played at Ruislip were(but in no particular order):

Leave It To The Dogs
Sugar Bullets
Heaven or Hell
Wet Afternoon
Sinister (with extended intro)
And The Boat Sails By
Paradise Row
Golden Boy
Daddy's Riding The Range
Joy De Viva
In A While
Big Roll Blues
I Never Saw Anyone Quite As Sad As You
Limbo Dancing
Infinity Drive
Hoox In You
Steps Of Bedlam
Mumble Jumble
King Of The World
8 Days
"Passing of Days" by John Ellis (but that's a guess).

It was a very underused set, and I enjoyed the music tremendously. I also enjoyed the company of old friends, not seen for many years.

To Awesome Phil: The email address I wrote down in my drunken state is illegible, my email address is above.

Thanks to all, and see you next time.
vom: 02.04.2010
Ruislip ramblings - What a splendid evening! The biscuits provided during the interval were chocolate digestives - pretty much my favourite. And what's more, there was plenty to go round. The music was quite good too.  
vom: 01.04.2010
Ruth - not there Emotion it won't be the sane without youEmotion Great 2c you the other week.
See some of you later tonight - can't waitEmotion
vom: 23.03.2010
I won't be there. Fulham in the quarter finals of the Europa League is a dream so Bob and I will be at the Cottage. A gut-wrenching choice to have to make.  
vom: 15.03.2010
Tickets bought and paid for Emotion

Shame theres no photography?? How am I going to survice without my camera Emotion

See you all there - can't waitEmotion
Chris L
vom: 05.03.2010
Me and Sarah will be at the Comedy Bunker - it'll be nice (although a little different from the last time I think) to meet up with the faithful fifty again...  
vom: 25.02.2010
check & join the last fm page for this event!  
vom: 19.02.2010
Hoping to involves a round trip from the Frozen Wastelands of North Wales..& work commitments so Fingers Crossed!!!!  
Andy R
vom: 15.02.2010
E-Mail Homepage  
Tickets bought. I will be there with my daughter Emotion  
Andy R
vom: 15.02.2010
E-Mail Homepage  
Tickets are on sale now  
eric vonx
vom: 14.02.2010
can't wait for april!  
vom: 13.02.2010
Fantastic to hear there is a gig in the pipeline ;o)

Do we pre-purchase tickets or do we buy on the night?

Looking forward to it - and to catching up with you all againEmotion
vom: 11.02.2010
Oh well, at least we now know he's still alive! Emotion  
vom: 27.01.2010
Where are you Paul????????????????  
Andy R
vom: 26.01.2010
I do hope it isn't the final version. It sounds like a guide-vocal to me  
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