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vom: 06.12.2007
WOAH! What a great live album! Superb selection of tunes... love sinister and shattered! Top notch!
Emotion Emotion Emotion
vom: 05.12.2007
read the message.hope to see soulsec in scotland before long.especially that inverness show paul mentioned a while back.time for a repeat of the legendary nairn show from 2002.  
vom: 05.12.2007
I read the message from Chris... I think the website is very good (pop in every few days). I guess content update depends upon there being relevant news. I prefer quality, rather than quantity.  
Paul D
vom: 04.12.2007
looking forward to calne on saturday.  
Anthony Goodwin
vom: 04.12.2007
Chris. I read your message! But I missed the show which was a great shame for me. Let's hope for more.  
Geoff H.
vom: 04.12.2007
Top show last night Paul...Money, Golden Boy, Brainbox, In Heaven She Walks, Desert Soul, 8 Days, Sinister...all fantastic tunes, nice to hear them again after a lengthy time without! More gigs in the new year...?? And good to meet up with Chris L. Ruth and Paul D. You're looking well guys, Ill be fine when I get my smile back, haha!! Thanks again Paul R (and band, of course!)...Catch you soon...x  
Phil C.
vom: 04.12.2007
Was supposed to have made this gig myself, but with work commitments, and the mad Xmas rush ( I'm Santa Claus Emotion ) and a 500 mile round trip on a Monday evening, I just could'nt make it Emotion , will deffo make a London gig in the new year tho ........ Promise Emotion  
vom: 04.12.2007
Couldn't agree with you more Mr. Chris.....  
vom: 04.12.2007
great to see and chat with ya last night at The Walk about B/ham.
Good to hear songs from About Time and In The Night.Still think to this day
Paradise Row should have been a single,Top 10 deff!
Gave Seb your message.Hope to see you in the new year and will contact the web site with
regard to our conversation.
All the best mate and have a great crimbo and new year
Gaz and Terry
vom: 04.12.2007
Last night in Birmingham was a bit like sweet and sour. The band played well, and although Paul stated they were under-rehearsed, you would never have known it. The set was loaded with Stranglers songs, the highlights of which were the awesome (don't listen to The Stranglers version, PLEASE!) Mine All Mine and Valley Of The Birds (come and see them - you won't see them anywhere else). Older, more Cornwell based Stranglers songs made an appearance (Andy Ellis on Golden Brown was superb - direct and edgy, his guitar work was much more in keeping with the original recording than other variants I have heard). The true musical highlight, though, was the awesome Desert Soul, which is gaining more edginess by the play. My personal highlight, not including the set and songs, was Mickey Sparrow dragging the band out of 3 songs, where one or more of the band had missed the cue to get out, and had got lost. Three times Mr Sparrow used the same drum figure to get the band out, and I nearly wet myself, each time with more disbelief!!! On top of that, we had been promised 60 minutes of a set, and the set was much longer than that - 80 minutes, I reckon. So the show was the sweet - what was the sour? Well, the attendance of the Faithful 50, that's what. The crowd was well down in numbers, although I do understand that it was a wet Monday night in Birmingham. True, QOTSA were in town, as was Jamelia, but where were the Faithful 50? Is enough publicity being given to these events? Do enough people read this website? Is enough "chasing" of the fans happening? Where is Paul's support? I have friends whos only link with what is going on is me - I read the website every day, and pass on the info to them as I see a need. But why don't they read it themselves? Is there a problem with the website itself? It's incredibly stylish - I couldn't come close to doing anything so elegant, tasteful and attractive, but I wonder about the level of content we are being delivered. Alex, is it you, or have you simply nothing to write? The fans, of course, vote with their collective feet, but the 100 club was heaving. Any ideas? Anyone? For instance, let's have a realtime test - how many people read this message? If you have read this far, add an entry to show it. Let's find out what is going on...  
vom: 27.11.2007
... trust me, you won't want to miss THIS one!!!!

173 Wood Street - opposite the train station!
vom: 26.11.2007
vom: 26.11.2007
Plough Details.
It says the Plough on the 7th but could you please give some more details. To many pubs call the Plough in London.
vom: 11.11.2007
One of the best acoustic sets yet with Soul Healer making an appearance. I lurve that song and Sail your Soul as well. Haven't heard that for yonks. Andy was on fire on the guitar and Paul on fine form as usual. Old favourites Golden Brown, Strange Little Girl, Chasing Rainbows, Postcard..... SUPERB!!!

Next gig in Watford on 20th. Can't wait.
vom: 07.10.2007
Another great gig at The Duke of Wellington. Songs like Sinister, Strange Little Girl, In Heaven She Walks, Walk on By and Peaches (a request from the crowd but not one of my favs) mixed with New Mourning Town, Under the Stars, 8 Days, Wrong Connection and a couple of covers - Sunny Afternoon and a fantastic cover of Ring of Fire by Johnny Cash. If you haven't heard Paul and Andy's version of this you really are missing out. Paul's vocals really bring out the deep tones of this song. It's difficult to describe, you just have to hear it first-hand. Next chance - October 25th at Ripley. Hope to see some of you there. Last, but by no means least, it was great to see Clare there and to meet a man called Pig! English villages, don't you just love 'em!  
vom: 25.09.2007
Sounds like it was a great night - sorry I missed it Emotion The 4th Oct one - is that an acoustic or electric set??? Hope to be able to make that oneEmotion  
vom: 23.09.2007
It was great to see Soulsec as a four-piece last night. I love the electric set. Stranglers’ numbers like Strange Little Girl, In a While, Always the Sun, Valley of the Birds and Golden Brown, to name but a few, mixed with Soulsec classics like New Mourning Town, Fried, Desert Soul, 8 Days and Wrong Connection to form a strong set.

Hearing Paul sing Golden Brown like it is supposed to be sung is enough to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end and shivers go down your spine.

Andy’s guitar playing just gets better and better and it was great to see Brad back on bass. Last, but by no means least, in the four-piece was Mickey Sparrow, the latest drummer to work with Paul in Soulsec and I have to say that I hope he stays as, in my opinion, he completes the strongest Soulsec line-up yet!

The audience loved it and some even strutted their stuff on the dance floor.

This is only a very brief review but if you want to find out more and make up your own minds, come along. Gig dates are all on the ‘Live’ page. One thing Mr Roberts, more please!
vom: 05.09.2007
Alex, Please note that we are out of stock of The Faithband - Tracks - Days of View DVD now. Can you please mark it as out of stock on the shop page. Sorry to contact you this way but my emails keep bouncing. Thanx  
vom: 05.09.2007
Thanks to everyone for your best wishes and cards. You're a lovely lotEmotion I am well on the way to recovery and will no doubt see some of you on the 15th  
Phil Cowley
vom: 05.09.2007
Url never worked Emotion
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