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Chris L
vom: 18.09.2008
Thank you for that, Ruth. So where do I go to find out about his acting?  
vom: 16.09.2008
Paul has been concentrating on his acting recently and the site is primarily for the music side so it's bound to be quiet but I know he is working on more songs. Like all of us he has to pay the bills and if anyone out there is willing to finance a tour I'm sure Paul would be very interested. Many irons in the fire is what keeps life interesting  
Chris L
vom: 15.09.2008
I'm not trying to be helpful. I'm bored of visiting a site that does not cater for me (or you) anymore. Seriously, how can there be nothing to say?  
Fan 59
vom: 13.09.2008
I'm not sure that Chris' comments are helpful to the site. We all look forward to some gigs.  
Chris L
vom: 13.09.2008
Is anything going on Ruth? The site doesn't change anymore. My point isn't that nobody cares, it's that there is nothing to care about.  
Geoff H.
vom: 12.09.2008
Hola Ruth!
I very rarely miss a day 'calling in' to keep abreast of the 'goings on'...! Behind the scenes Paul is still a very busy man...but he's not 'forgot' his music guys...! Hasta luego...!
vom: 12.09.2008
Of course you're not alone Chris. We all pop back from time to time  
Chris L
vom: 11.09.2008
Thank God I'm not alone ;-) Sure, I'm up for gigs, given some warning, Geoff.  
vom: 10.09.2008
Geoff H.
vom: 09.09.2008
Hi Chris...hope you're keeping well...!
Catch you at a gig some time soon, eh?
Chris L
vom: 09.09.2008
As the tumbleweed rolled across the webpage, and the cobwebs grew and became dusty, so people stopped visiting...  
vom: 17.08.2008
Ooops - I don't visit the site as often as I should - so it serves me right that I missed the Peterborough gig!! Hope it all went well - and hopefully!!! I will make one in the not so distant future (someone give me a kick up the behind for future gigs ;o).
Love to all & especially Paul xx
Fun it
vom: 03.08.2008
Thanx for the short review Emotion
Good to know Paul is still alive and kickin and always interested in rock music !!
vom: 02.08.2008
Really enjoyed the Brewery Tap gig, A shame it was so quiet in there, Peterborough folk should get out more!! Free Peace were an excellent band in support, and the other chap ( sorry forgot his name )was very interesting.... got away with Girls Just Want to Have Fun, and a Blondie song.. ANYWAY... Paul and Andy were very relaxed and informal, related to the audience, and just got on with a varied acoustic set.. Just a little nod to the Stranglers, Excellent Soulsec stuff including Desert Soul, Chasing Rainbows, God and even The Kinks Sunny Afternoon. So next time they are in town.... get of your ar$es and go see them. Live music in your face....Can't be beaten. Thanks Paul and Andy for a great night.  
Fun It
vom: 27.07.2008
Let's have a party, then ?!!? Emotion  
vom: 26.07.2008
Hoping to make the Peterborough gig. Anyone else?  
vom: 21.06.2008
too right.lets have a gig in scotland and the acoustic cd out before you start filming endgame.baftas and oscars to follow.  
vom: 20.06.2008
I agree, need a gig soon. I think there are some in the pipeline, so keep checking website.Emotion  
vom: 18.06.2008
Any news of up and coming gigs? I've missed the last few Emotion and i'm having withdrawal symptoms!

Also CONGRATULATIONS to Ruth ;o) - you can teach me a thing or two now - Well Done xx

Hi to all who know me - must catch up soon xx
fun it
vom: 17.05.2008
Mark, I guess you love cabaret acts Emotion
I have played BEF more than 1 time... and love the Stranglers, Hugh and... Paul !!!

PS : Stranglers are strongest as ever !!!
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